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Offshore Staff Leasing

offshore staff leasing

Most companies use a number of staffing solutions to hire the people they need. One solution is hiring workers with full- time or part-time contract, another one is collaborating with staffing agencies which provide temporary staff or engaging consultants who carry out certain highly specific tasks. There is another staffing solution as well, i.e. offshore staff leasing or offshore staffing, which is often left abandoned. Offshore staffing services give the client opportunity to create its own team in Armenia with employees who will work full-time for client from our office in Armenia. Sourcio employs supports and manages this virtual staff but it is up to client to determine their daily/weekly/monthly activities. The team is completely devoted to client. With staffing offshore it is possible to reduce up to 70% on direct staff costs and costs on office space, workstations, connectivity and other facilities.

Hiring offshore staff is performed similar to local hiring activity. Sourcio discusses hiring requirements with Client and drafts the detailed job profiles (experience, qualification, etc.). Sourcio recruitment department looks for candidates, runs through the initial screening processes, and endorses candidates to Client. Client is free to screen and test the candidates in any way if it is considered necessary to come to a decision. In the end, Client picks chosen candidates and assigns to its offshore team. On the other hand, Client can rely on Sourcio`s judgment and entire process of screening and selection. Sourcio also provides consultancy and support in IT (working environment, necessary tools for daily operations) and operational activities (KPI identification, performance targets, reporting structures, etc.) including all activities mentioned above managed by world class Project Management Professionals. After system`s deployment (when it goes live) Sourcio provides professional service in further training, coaching, supervision, technical support, and in general everything required to run an effective offshore team.



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