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Areas of Expertise

Sourcio delivers high quality solutions to its clients and partners using one of its valuable assets - the experience gained during previous projects executions. Our broad experience and expertise in various areas of Software Development gives us possibility to be innovative and apply all necessary skills to the multitude of projects, ranging from custom designed software applications, social and mobile applications to comprehensive product development.

Sourcio is equipped with experienced professionals in IT arena with deep engineering, technical and management backgrounds devoted towards supplementing its knowledge with internal research and development to ensure seamless delivery.
Sourcio implements a powerful set of proven techniques that assure quality and confidence in the management, design, construction, and deployment of business applications.

area of expertise

In general Sourcio provides following areas of expertise:
A compound set of IT services containing almost everything needed for a modern competitive business:


  • Project Management and Project Life Cycle Management
  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Cloud –Staffing
  • Remote Administration and System Integration
  • Software Technical  Support
  • SEO

Our software engineers are proficient in the following technologies/platforms:

Java: Spring, Hibernate, IBATIS, ACEGI, CAS, LDAP, Axis2, SOAP, iText, JasperReports, Lucene, SWT, JFace, JMF, Google App Engine, Eclipse, ANT, Maven3

PHP: Zend Framework, Smarty,Typo3, Joomla

Other languages: ruby, python, C/C++

Web design/programming:  DHTML, Servlets/JSP, Struts/Struts2, Tiles, JSF (IceFaces, RichFaces), Facelets, GWT, XML, XSL/XSLT, jQuery, EXT, ScriptAculoUs, YUI, dojo, Flash, ActionScript2/3, Flex, AJAX, SEO.

Mobile programming:

  • Android: Mobile UI Development /Usability, Image Processing, Memory Management, HTML5, Sencha, SocialIn, OpenGL (GDX,Cocos, etc.).
  • IPhone/IPad: Objective C, Cocoa Touch, Core Animation, Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Image, SQLLite.

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Servers: Tomcat(5-7), Jetty, Resin, Apache2, LAMP

Project Management: Project Life Cycle Management, Requirements Management, Risk Management,Time and Budget Management, Change Management, Process Engineering/Re-engineering.

Quality Assurance: Automated/Manual Test (Functional, Security, Load, Integrity, Stress, Performance, Compatibility, Usability), Maven, Ant/NAnt, Cruise Control/Cruise Control.NET, JUnit, PHPUnit, JWebUnit, JMeter, MockObjects, CheckStyle, Selenium, Rational Robot, WinRunner, LoadRunner, TestMaker, BugZilla, Jira, TestDirector.

Case-Modelling: Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio, Together, Power Builder, Erwin

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