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Pricing Model

Pricing Model

Hourly-Based Model:

hourly-based model

This method is for big projects and for Clients, who prefer hourly-based charge. Normally, we do not suggest using this model for small projects, as its ROI is higher using Project Basis model.  But we are open to use Hourly based model for small projects if Client decides so. For more information, please Contact Us.



Project Based Model:

project based model

This is the option, which most of our customers prefer. Using this pricing model, Client knows beforehand how much he is  going to be charged each next period, without facing any unexpected mishaps in payments. No matter, whether it is a big project or small, or a bug fixing consulting, project based charging works best for all those cases. With hourly, you might end up with a huge bill always. Therefore, we suggest this model to all of our customers. For more information, please Contact Us.



Contract Based Model / Managed Facility:

contract based model

Sourcio is equipped with some sophistical working culture, environment and highly experienced professionals. All these resources are fully at Client`s services, when it is decided to proceed with Contract Based Model.  With this model, Sourcio assigns dedicated resources to Client, for a fixed price, depending on the skills and experience of the candidate. They work 160 hours per month for that pay scale.  If additional hours/days are added by the client,  it is discussed on individual basis. This model allows Client to save a lot in HR management and reduce overhead cost related to staff hiring and keeping. For more information, please Contact Us.


Onsite Consulting Model:

onsite consulting model

Many projects require special attention and personal visit due to project complexity, classified information and Client specific needs. In that case, Sourcio can send its most talented software engineers or project managers to Client`s locations, and job can be done at Client side. Using this model, Client undertakes all expenses related to VISA, boarding, accommodation, etc. However, Client still saves on resource package deal with Onsite Consulting Model. For more information, please Contact Us.

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