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Offshore Project Outsourcing

offshore project outsourcing

Project outsourcing model is used for different kinds of services and deliverables. Generally, the simple meaning that lies in this model is that we are able to realize and engage the requirements suggested by you, prepare a project plan, run the project ( taking into account all risks and constraints) and accomplish agreed milestones with agreed expectations (timeframe, resources, quality) from our development center in Armenia. If we compare offshore project outsourcing model with  Offshore Staff Leasing and Virtual Office we will see that the basic difference is the scope and duration of work. If projects have fixed timeframes and deliverables, the other two delivery models are used for continuous, long-lasting work.

Sourcio can apply the mentioned model to virtually all  Outsourcing Models which it is specialized in, no matter whether it is a small web project or a large and lasting enterprise solution development. Sourcio is able to take responsibility of different projects due to its highly skilled and experienced workers with professional project management team. We have many proofs of high quality work within given timeframe and budget.



Entire Project Outsourcing Model

entire project outsourcing model

You have an idea of your product and want to focus on marketing/sellings only. In this case, you completely make us responsible for production.  We can develop your product from scratch.
It is up to you to choose and decide a complete solution - combination of technologies, architecture and programming language, which is most appropriate for your future product. You may also rely on our expertise. We will analyze and generate several alternatives for you with our comments and recommendations so you can choose the one that is most suitable for your case.
We also can handle all future customizations, change requests, enhancements and new features of the product per customer request, as well as ongoing support and maintenance of the system/product.


Partial Project Outsourcing Model

partial project outsourcing model

You already have your product developed and your dedicated team is already loaded with tasks months ahead. However, project  needs to  be developed in existing constraints (time, budget, resources). Here is when Partial Project Outsourcing model can help.
Partial Project Outsourcing model best fits the case when Client`s current on-site team is overloaded with ongoing activities. Moreover, implementing a lot of new customizations or new features in a short period is completely impossible with existing resources. Finding new talented staff in existing constraints is not an easy task. For this case, Client Company will need more staff – already organized, experienced and ready to work. Here is when we can apply our effort. It is our specialization to provide dedicated, well-organized and experienced teams for solving rapid tasks. Team can be modified with specific technology backgrounds (for example, Java/J2EE or C/C++ platform, please check our Expertise section for details).
For the project success we will clearly extend Client`s existing team: set up some environment, follow existing software architecture and any developing standards established at Client`s Company. Therefore, by collaborating with Sourcio, Client virtually extends its own team, making delivery of product new features faster, with required quality and high level of support. Also outsourcing project to Sourcio is cost-effective in comparison to US/EU software development rates. Please Contact us and we will determine best model of cooperation in all means.

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