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The Virtual Office Model

virtual office model

Virtual Office services give possibility to a foreign company to set up a special-built offshore operation in Armenia. These activities are fully managed and hosted by Sourcio. This type of operations normally has its own office space, managerial and administrative staff. So it can be said, that there is a small company within Sourcio. There is a bunch of similarities between virtual office and offshore staffing services. Basic difference is in fact, that offshore staffing is normally smaller in size and it’s mostly manpower driven model, whereas virtual offices are larger in size, they are process-driven.  Besides virtual offices require a big amount of independence and customization.  The majority of our Clients at the beginning start with a small team. As a starting model they use staff leasing. Over time Clients enlarge their operations by adding more processes and more staff to established offshore operation. There is no major difference between virtual office and large offshore team models.  So for long term partnership Sourcio recommends to create virtual offices and move development activities fully to Armenia. Sourcio ensures that these offshore delivery centers will become strategically vital and effective part of Clients business model.


Comparing The Offshoring Models

comparing offshoring models

We distinguish between two main models: the virtual office and offshore outsourcing model. The virtual office is a 100% owned subsidiary established as a branch of a parent company in a totally different geography. In this model, parent company owns the right of maximum control. However, establishing captive center requires long time and consumes large initial investments and also long term commitments. In the 3rd party outsourcing model, a company contracts an external party to manage entire business processes. In this model, execution responsibility and implementation risks are moved to 3rd party provider. Though, this typically comes at more costs and loss of operational control.


The Virtual Office Model Advantages

Sourcio's virtual office model represents combination of strengths of virtual office and offshore outsourcing models. In that case, in order to establish a custom-built offshore operation in Armenia  your company will use all the needed resources and local presence of Sourcio. Sourcio provides all necessary human resources, assets and support services like an offshore outsourcing provider does. The main difference lies in the operational control. If virtual office model is used the operational control totally passes to Client's hands, i.e. operation of offshore activities, execution of workflow processes, usage of IT assets and tools and management of daily operations. Even office space can be built under Client's specific requirements. Each area of Client`s offshore operations can be customised and tuned just exactly to meet Client`s specific needs.



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